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This is MY LIFE and I wish to live it true to myself. | taught by Karin Peeters
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Karin Peeters
Karin Peeters
Coach, Psychotherapist & Travel Guide to Your Soul

About the instructor

Thanks to Karin's corporate background she is refreshingly practical with a down-to-earth nature and solution focussed attitude. Yet she combines this with an interest in Eastern Philosophy , The Buddhist Art of Living, Mindfulness Meditation and Creative Arts. Working with Karin is like receiving a tool-kit full of techniques to improve your daily personal and work life & heartfelt healing for the soul in one!

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Course Contents

15 Videos
15 Texts
7 PDFs
1 Audio

Course Curriculum

5. Finding Myself Again - Special BONUS Video - Karin's Personal Story
8. Finding Myself Again: Steps Forward, Being You and Loving Life
9. Endings and New Beginnings
10. Turning Confusion Into Clarity: Getting Overview And Knowing Where To Start
11. Turning Confusion Into Clarity: Facing the Core of Our Challenges
12. Turning Confusion Into Clarity: Let's get Head and Heart Aligned
13. Turning Confusion Into Clarity: Being Fearless And Brave To Face Our Fears
14. Turning Confusion Into Clarity: Choosing To Live True To Ourselves