Turning Confusion Into Clarity

Learn the Art of Confident Decision Making | taught by Karin Peeters
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Karin Peeters
Karin Peeters
Executive Coach, Psychotherapist & Corporate Trainer

About the instructor

Thanks to Karin's corporate background she is refreshingly practical with a down-to-earth nature and solution focussed attitude. Yet she combines this with an interest in Eastern Philosophy, The Buddhist Art of Living, Mindfulness Meditation and Creative Arts. Working with Karin is like receiving a tool-kit full of techniques to improve your daily personal and work life & heartfelt healing for the soul in one!

More info: www.vitaliscoaching.com

PS. Any questions? Please ask: karin.peeters@vitaliscoaching.com.

Decisions to make and want to get it right?

  • What is the next step in my career?
  • Is this the right relationship for me?
  • Do I want children? By myself?
  • Where do I want to live?
  • Should I quit my job?

Are your thoughts never giving you a break, but still none of the wiser about what you should do? Forgetting to listen to yourself and end up following others out of sheer habit? Doubt and fear creeping in whenever you allow yourself to think of something new and different?

This Online Coaching Programme will teach you The Art of Confident Decision Making and gives you the confidence to follow your own path in life.

What are we going to do together?

  • Following your heart
  • Trusting your intuition
  • Not living a life based on expectations of others, but true to yourself
  • Understanding and conquering your fears, being brave and courageous
  • Making choices based on who you want to be, from deep within: be fully yourself!

Let's get started!

Register here and you'll receive the coaching video, handout and full explanation of Part One "Getting Overview And Knowing Where To Start" of this Online Coaching Programme. For free in order to test, completely without risk, if this is right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: "Can I try it for free?"

A: Yes you can. The first part (out of five) can be watched for free. You'll be asked to leave your name and email to register and the first module will land in your inbox immediately. All yours to enjoy, without any further obligations.

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Q. "For whom is this Online Coaching Programme?"

For anyone who has important decisions to make and can't seem to find out what they want, where to start or how to get there.

It could be that you have one choice in front of you, for example around your partner, children, moving or relating to your career. Or it could be that your entire life is up in the air at the moment.

Do you wish to master the Art of Confident Decision Making, then this is for you!

Q. "How can a video replace a human being?"

A: It can't. Face-to-face coaching has benefits that online videos will never be able to achieve.

So why offer it? Because if you are new to coaching, this is a great introduction to get a good impression of what coaching could bring you. It's a great way to check me out, before committing to working one-to-one with me. And it's ideal if you can't travel easily due to children or living in an area without coaches or where you don't speak the language well. And if you have previous experience with coaching, this will give you the nudge you need to get your life back on track.

And if you're busy, isn't it just wonderful to be able to receive coaching in the comfort of your own home, in PJ's on the sofa, whenever the time suits you? A participant told me "watching these coaching videos was a much better way to spend my evening compared scrolling on my phone all night".

Q. "How long will it take to complete?"

A. You'll receive five coaching videos, each around ten minutes in length. Each video explains a coaching exercise. You can decide for yourself how much time to spend, on average participants take around an hour to complete each exercise. You can compare it with five coaching sessions of one hour each. Each video comes with an in-depth handout to answer any questions you might have.

The coaching videos you can be completed at your own pace. Some people complete the whole programme during a holiday, others do a video a week and take their time to reflect and ponder while going through the programme.

Q. "How does it work?"

The entire programme is online. You will not actually meet me in person. I have recorded videos in which I explain how to make sense of the confusing thoughts in your head. I share coaching exercises in which I help you recognise what your heart and intuition are telling you.

The coaching exercises make use of practical, cognitive tools and also use powerful techniques like creative arts (drawing), meditation, breathing exercises and Eastern Philosophy like Buddhism. Throughout the Online Coaching Programme you will be learning how to take the decisions you are facing with confidence. The tools you are shown can be used for any choice throughout the rest of your life. It's a journey of in-depth personal discovery!

Q. "Is there a Facebook community for support and inspiration?"

A. Yes there is. Feel free to join us at Facebook Vitalis.

Q: “What if I buy it and I’m not happy with the course?”

A: Your full course price will be refunded if you let me know within 90 days that the course has not met your expectations. I offer a 100% money back guarantee, because I trust you'll love it.


If you want to find your truth and life your life accordingly then these coaching videos will give you all the tools and techniques you need. Register now and start watching Part One for FREE immediately.

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Course Contents

6 Videos
7 Texts
5 PDFs